Communication with India coworker in Islandia

As soon as I joined the team, I began to work with one India engineer in
New York Headcounter. At first, he gave me the impression of kindness, willing
to answer my questions and providing help. Things went on not always like its beginning,
his response became less and less especially the new product was cancelled in
May, and the status become worse after the other engineer in our team in
Islandia left. I get no reply at all sometimes, even after I send out several emails.


Complain can not solve any problems, I tied to change the
style of my email, add some pushing words, such as “I am looking forward …
“, “It is highly appreciated if you could…”, but the result
of silence kept same as before. I really don’t know what had happened on
him, even I wait at night and meet with him on MSN, he chatted with me for a
while, and then he would say that he had to rush for a conference.


The communication become smooth only after my manager
informs his boss the status and his boss had talked with him. He was active to chat
with me through MSN for once or twice. I don’t hope to solve the problem
like this, but can not find another effective way.


The trouble annoyed me. Sometimes I doubted that if there
are potential reasons that I don’t realize. More and more jobs are moving
from USA to China and India, those Islandia engineer face
with the probability of losing job. My India
coworker main task is to transfer the development in Islandia to me in Beijing. Recently, our
CEO announced that our company will lay off 4% employee to save expenses. It is
guessed that the reducing will happen in North America.
Is it the true reason that I met so many hinders in my work?


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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