My nephew Arthur

My nephew Arthur

I havent been seeing Arthur since he was born. My younger sister didnt come back to China since she went to USA with her husband in 1998, and I didnt get a chance to go to America during this period. All the news about Arthur is getting from emails and MSN. My sister sends me a letter last week.

Arthur is doing well except very very picky about nutrition food (not including candy and ice cream). He wont stay in dinning chair for a minute. Mom said his eating habit is very bad and Im working with him to correct his bad habit since this Monday.

Arthurs temper does like me, very strong character. If he thinks he knows something, you cant correct his mistake. He has a favorite book named “Tractor at work” including the pictures of all types of tractors. When we drove on the road and found some tractors, I asked Arthur, “What is that?” Arthur is very excited and replied, “Tractor at work”. I corrected, “No, that is tractor.” He replied immediately, “NO MOMI, that is tractor at work!” If he pointed number 3 and saying “Number 2”, you tried to tell him that is number 3. He would be very unhappy and replied, “NO MOMI, thats number 2!”

One day we brought him to a rainforest restaurant where is decorated with rainforest and animals, elephant, monkey, alligator, snake, etc. and those fake animals move and make sounds very often. He was scared at that time. That evening, he remembered it and asked me, “Are you scared at the elephant, Momi? No”. I replied. He continued, “Are you scared at the alligator?” No”. I little bit teased. He is very puzzled and looked at me for several seconds, “What is wrong with you?”

One more thing, once he knows how to put his shoes on by himself, he likes to wear the shoes in the opposite way. I tried to correct him. As soon as I stepped away, he would start the wrong way again. A couple of time I have to send him to DayCare wearing the opposite shoes because Im in the hurry of going to work and cant afford the time to correct him.


I miss them.


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