An unbelievable number: Baidu’s stock price

I guess Baidu’s stock price in NASDAQ shocked many
Chinese including me. No one thought before that Baidu’s stock can reach
such a high number, around 150 USD. I saw some remarks that American investor
thought that Baidu is Google in China,
and evaluate Baidu following the rules of Google in USA.


I don’t think Baidu is Google in China. It doesn’t
have the culture of Google. What is had done is just copying the commercial
pattern on searching engine which Google create. I can not tell the percentage
of Chinese people selection on searching engine, but most of my colleagues,
friends still use Google, seldom Baidu. What kind of value does a company have if
it can not attract more customers?


But the fact is that Baidu indeed become superstar in IT
companies. Around 200 Baidu employees become millionaire. Someone may reply
that I was saying sour grapes. In some degree, I was.  


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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