Java Design Patterns

During last several months, the design documents I wrote are more than coding. Sometimes, I am short of words on how to explain why to design the module like that, and what advantages and disadvantages are. Where I can get such an education and how to improve my impression of design document in short time.


Two things remaindered me.


One thing is my husband had told me that he is studying design pattern and felt that they are very helpful. His application is developed a printer software with .Net platform, written in C# and designed directly from customer’s requirement. My current work is similar to his. I developed a totally new module which is very suitable to adopt design pattern. If I am working on improvement on existing module, maybe design pattern can not play important roles because of many limitations.


The other thing of is my excolleagues will give a lecture “How to improve JAVA EE performance” in 2005 Java China conference. Most probably, she will taking about Java design patterns and J2EE design pattern. I read those books before, but almost forgot the content because I seldom use the patterns in my development.


Maybe it is time to reread design pattern book, because I have two important conditions now. One is motivation to improve my ability on design document. It is said that the stronger the motivation, the more quickly the person will learn a skill; the other is the golden chance of enough time. I don’t have deadline tasks recently, thus I can arrange my time freely.



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