Design Patterns Books

The most famous book about design pattern is “Design PatternsElements of Reusable Software” by gang of four, Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Palph Johson, and John Vlisssides. I got an online version published on August, 1995. This book’s samples are written mostly by C++ and some by Small Talk. I am not familiar with both of them, so the book looks a bit of difficult to me.


Fortunately, I had another free online design pattern book “The Design Patterns Java Companion” by James W Cooper ( ) which is specially written for Java programmer and based on former mentioned book. I decided to start with this book.


I had read J2EE patterns before on Sun web site ( ). The latest material is not free now because the author had published his book. My current work had little relation with J2EE, so that I don’t have plan to buy the book, neither read it. Sometimes, I felt that I lost some opportunities on learning since changing my area from J2EE to J2SE. J2EE had more comprehensive functions and applications than J2SE, and evolved more quickly than J2SE.





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