Differences between eastern education and Chinese education

I told my husband that my English teacher praised me on the English
speaking and writing. He replied that I should not be so proud of such compliment;
I still have much to learn in English. I know it is true, but his response did depress
me, and let me think about what brings such a result. Why do I seldom get praise
from my parents, my Chinese teacher and my husband?


Maybe the phenomenon comes from traditional history; people think that
criticism would make students to learn correctly and fast. I don’t like
it. Every one knows that it is the best way to cultivate children through
encouraging and praising, and to give them confidence to do something. Even though
I don’t like Chinese education style, I was influenced by it because of
over 17 years of education in China.
It shows that I always hope that someone can correct my mistakes, and am a
little embarrassed when hearing compliment.


There is a reporting on differences behavior between Chinese middle
school students and eastern middle school students in a same summer camp which
says that most Chinese students were lack of responsibility and activity. Some
of them were lack of confidence; while on the other hand, some of them were
spoiled and over confidence. I don’t hope that my baby will be educated
like that. It is too early to think about the question, but the time of facing
it comes nearer and nearer.



关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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