Java training in Xiamen

We finished the the last Java training in Xiamen. At first, Xiamen is not in our planned cities list, but there are some teachers who didn’t enroll for the training and continue asking for attending, so we added the city, and provide Java training to 21 teachers in Xiamen University.


Most teachers were very interested in studying what we teach, Java SE 5 new feature, Java EE etc. It was weird that there were always several teachers didn’t listen to what we talked about at all, they just whispered or surfed the Internet. Maybe the content was too easy to too difficult for them. We hope to spend the money effectively, so enrolling what kind of teachers is the focus we should think about in the latter training.


Someone suggested giving a test before accepting the application, at least, we can filter the teachers basing on their Java level, and prepare related training material.

Busy with the exam


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