Install BitTorrent client in Ultra20 workstation (Sloaris X86)

It was not easy to find BitTorrent software for Solaris platform. Now Ibenefit from Java open source project once again. Azureus, a JavaBitTorrent client. Azureus can run on Windows, Linux, MacOs, and Solaris. The steps of iinstallation on Solaris are as following:1. Download the zip file from Unzip the zip file to a directory3. The Solaris version is for Solaris Sparc, while Ultra20 workstationis Solaris X86. Refer to an article toreplace some library files, otherwise, you might encounter the javanative exception.4. User guide lies in
I made a final package for downloading ( if you don’t want to spend much time to build the package yourself.

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