Study PetStore 1.4 series (1): Build PetStore 1.4 on Sun Application Server 8.2

It was easier to build PetStore 1.4 than PetStore 1.3.2. In fact, it was
more effective to build PetStore 2.0 early access through NetBeans IDE,
but there is no document about PetStore 2.0 at present. I felt that
PetStore 1.4 would be a better demo case to study.
1. Download j2ee 1.4 sdk ( Sun Application Server 8.2) with samples.
2. After installation j2ee 1.4 sdk, for example, the installation
directory is C:SunAppServer, you will find PetStore src and doc under
3. Start sun application server through command "asadmin start-appserver"
4. Go to directory C:SunAppServersamplesblueprintspetstore1.4src,
and input command "asant deploy"

If no exception occurred, the build will finish successfully as attached
file, then you can access http://localhost:8080/petstore to try the demo.

Definitely the deployment is much easier than before.


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