Study PetStore 1.4 series (2): Use NetBeans IDE 5.0 to view application server configuration and derby database content.

After deploying PetStore 1.4 on Sun Application Server 8.2 (
j2ee1.4sdk), you can view the source and other content through NetBeans
IDE. I am not used to command line, so GUI is my preferred working style.1. Download NetBeans IDE 5.0 from
2. Add Sun Application Server in NetBeans IDE. “Runtime (tab) ->
Servers (right click) -> Add server ->. You can see the deployed
petstore applications:
3. Create derby connection. Databases -> Apache Derby (Net) (Right
click) -> Connection Using ->
Name: Apache Derby (Net)
Driver: org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver
User Name: derbypublic
Password: derbypublic
4. Select one table, right click “execute Command…”, you can view the
data through SQL in NetBeans IDE


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