Implement Single Sign-On with Access Manager

got a project to implement with SSO(Single Sign-On). Before involved in
real code, I tried to set up Access Manager and policy agent in my
desktop and laptop.

1. Environment :

   Desktop to host Access Manager:

   Laptop to host application and policy agent: dynamic IP machine

2. Software

   Desktop : Solaris 10 platform,  Sun JES 2005Q4 (Java Enterprise

   Laptop: Windows XP professional platform, Sun Application Server
8.2, and policy agent

3. Installation process

   1). Desktop – Install JES including Sun Application Server,
Directory Server, and Access Manager

   2). Desktop – Create agent profile and related policies ( rules and
subject) in access manager

   3). Laptop – Install application server

   4). Laptop – Extract policy agent zip file and install the agent

   5). Laptop –  During agent installation, config the agent with the
parameters stetting in step 2, such as agent profile name and agent

The process was tedious and headache, I haven’t finished all of them
within two days.  I tried to install both access manager and agent in
same application server and run the SSO demo successfully, but when I
moved the agent to remote host, my laptop which uses Windows platform,
I got the following error :





I will go to Guilin this weekend, so have to note down what I have done
for reminder.


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Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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