Beijing Java User Group (BJUG) changed to Open Community

I searched Java User Group in China on The BJUG
(Beijing Java User Group) looks very active comparing to other JUG. When
I contacted the leader, Icecloud, I found that they has moved their
events from to

They send me an invitation email for the second Beijing Open Party on
March 1st, 2008. The meeting adopted unconference format, each attendee
may submit his topic and every one vote their favorites. Only those most
popular topics may get a chance to talk to others. It came to my mind
that our team (SDN China) can use this method in Sun Developer Day as we
don’t have much conversation with the developers in our events before.
This kind of method may also help us to know what kind of topics that
developers have most interests.

There are many topics in the open party, including flex, legacy system
refactoring, Agile UI, Rich Client, Game Developement, Android, Open
Source in GIS, BugFree, CMMI etc. All the topic has nothing to do with

Xu, Hao talked about some reasons of the changes. Java has over 10 years
history, and is somewhat mature comparing to other emerging technology,
most attendees want to learn newer technology and cool applications. If
the party is limited in Java, there will not be so many topics to
sharing. I noticed that most attendees are young man, at least younger
than me, it sounds reasonable that they are willing to embrace newer
technology and there are more opportunities for them to establish their
fame. Xu, Hao also said that the email invitation is a mandatory step
for taking part in the party in order to keep the discussing level. The
newbie or entry level attendees are not welcome as they can not
contribute something. I disagree this opinion at all, there are some
basic principle in the community, the first one is open, and the second
is justice. Discussion with Xu Hao let me learn why BJUG reached such a
result after several years.

I had dinner with some guys from Thoughtswork, infoQ who are also the
core team members of Beijing Open Party. Maybe I will met them from time
to time in the future. Below is the two guys I took photos. Gao, Ang
(Graduate in University) and Liu, Tong (ID: cleverpig, the owner of BJUG
and Matrix web site).


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer

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