Java 10th Conference in Beijing

Java 10th Conference was held on Nov 22nd,
2007, James Bai and I was invited to give two presentation about
Sun’s technology.

arrived in the afternoon. Before my presentation I have a habit to
ask the attendees what their major are and which company or
univeristy they are from. Three things surprised me, one is that
there are only around one hundreds attendees, the owner explained
that because Sun’t tech day were held half a month ago so there are
fewer participants this time. The second is that most attendees are
students, while this conference should focus on developers and
companies. The third is that when I went over the articles printed on
the magazine spread in the conference, I found most of those text
were written by students and meaningless in some degree.

was the 10th Java Conference! If our team operates such
kind of conference titled with Java, we would make it much better.

owner send me a group photo of the conference, I knew nobody except a
Java Champion in 2006, Professor Xu Bin.


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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