Company visit: Tencent QQ

If you don’t know QQ in China, you are the person in Mars. QQ is the
most popular IM tool in China and has over 0.3 billion users.

We planed to add company visit in our road show. At first, we contacted
an open source community ZEUUX ( to recommend a
company. As one of his core team member, Zoom Quiet works for Kingsoft
in Zhuhai, we added a trip to Zhuhai in our schedule. Just before the
Sun Developer Day in Zhenzhen, we received a message from Zoom that
there will be a two days power off in his company and nobody will be in
the office at the day we planed the company visit.

It seems we’d better cancel the company visit. I don’t want to give up,
after all, I have interest to contact the group developers in specific
companies. I went over the name cards and registration sheet of Sun
Developer Day in Shenzhen, and found developers from QQ. During the
dinner time, I asked Kevin Xu, if our team can visit his company –
Tencent. Then, we finalized such a company visit.

Our visit is a very pleasure journey, not only because of we (Alex and
me) don’t need to talk much as we did in other event, the Tencent
developers introduced their business, infrastructure, and technology
adoption. but also The developers in Tencent of the meeting belongs to
3G product team and responsible for the QQ in mobile and web portal
which are just the technology topics our team wants to cover. We
recommend our open sourced Java ME ( and Java
EE ( projects, and they showed much
interests as the project do have features that meets their requests.

One thing impressed me that the developers in Tencent said that they are
encouraged to implement the infrastructures by themselves. One reason is
the cost, the other reason is that they always met the stress problem,
such as processing 10 thousands complicate requests per second, and some
commercial products may shut down under such conditions. Hope they
could benefit from Sun’s open sourced products.

Alex and me agreed that company visit is more interesting than just
delivering a presentation in event. As both of us benefit from such
kind of conversation, and Alex and I got some QQ mascots. 🙂

You may see th QQ mascots in the table of the photo, and the Java
develoers in Tencent, Capser, Iron, Meteor Chen, June Huang, Jarod
Ruan, Albert Zhu and Kevin Xu.


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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