Hong Kong: Next Generation Open Source Technologies

It is the first time to bring such kind of event to the universities in
Hong Kong. There are four universities in Hong Kong which belongs to the
top 100 universities in the world, and it is our team’s responsibility
to promote Sun’s technology to those places.

It seems that the events in Hong Kong is not as smooth as we had in

The first thing we encountered is the officer in the Chinese University
of Hong Kong has concerns about our event title "Sun University Day". He
don’t want the company to promote or sell product in Campus. We
explained that our topic is only about the technology, and some of the
content is in the course of universities, such as Java and Operating
Systems. We also said that we could change the title from "Sun
University Day" to "Open Source Day" as all the topic in the event in
fact is about open source. Steven, the local Hong Kong SE meet the
officer, at last, the officer suggested "The Next Generation Open
Source Technologies". Sounds great, the new title seems match our event
than the original one.

The second matter is the students involved. We only have 14 attendees in
Hong Kong University (HKU), and 54 in Chinese University of Hong Kong
(CUHK). We were told that computer science is not a good choice for most
students in Hong Kong. The university had a similar IT event before with
80 attendees which was thought a great success.

I must admitted that if our team only need the increasing number with
cost-effective way, we should not come to Hong Kong. While Hong Kong
means many other things for our team. we should cover more cities as
more universities, more developers, and more communities as possible.
Maybe we had spread seeds on the attendees. There is no Open Solaris
User Group in Hong Kong at present. I suggested to Micky that our team
may provide technical support to the user group meeting if he would call
for one.


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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