Shenzhen: Developer Day and Open Source/Open Community Salon

Our team held many "Sun Developer Day" in many cities before. Usually,
the developer day is a whole day event, all the topics are delivered by
Sun’s engineer. It is the first time we add a Open Source/Open Community
Salon in developer day, the main purpose of the salon is to provide a
platform to the third party communities and bring our team the chance to
have more deep conversation with those developers who have interests to
adopts Sun’s open technologies.

The differences between the normal tech day and the salon is that we
encourage the attendee (developers) to talk more, and at the same time
our engineers just listen. If we don’t know what the developers were
thinking, what they want, and what they dislike, how can we attract them
to try our technology and products.

I invited two speakers for the salon, one is Kevin Zhang, the technical
director of Kingdee Middlewar which had contributed a JSF engine to a
open source community OperaMasks ( The other is the
teacher from Huaxia Shool, Jerry Li who shared with us the Moodle usage
and adoption in education.

At first, I didn’t expect much on the enrollment of the salon as it was
held in the evening. I had spread the speaker invitation in the forum
of, no one showed up, so I assumed that the developers
in Shenzhen is not as active as in other cities such as Beijing and
Shanghai. The result of the salon told me that I am wrong. there were
around 50 developers taking part in the meeting. They asked lots of
questions, and showed great interests in open source adoption. Many of
them has the experience of open source usage. A developer even claimed
that he had open sourced his game module.

The open source developers and communities exit somewhere, and it is our
team’s duty to find and reach them through various events and activities.


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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