Java User Group in Middle School

Our team had many technology events in universities before. It is the
first time our team reach the middle school.

RDFZ (The high school affiliated to Renmin University of China, is a very famous middle school like Tsinghua
University and Peiking University in China. It seems that the middle
shool is harder than the university to hold such kind of technology
event, I went there three times before getting the chance to deliver a
Java lecture to the students. The teacher who is charge of the research
asked why our company want to do so in middle school. Besides answering
the question, I doubted that why the teacher can not see the benefits
the students may get.

The students in middle school is not our main audience, while it is
worthing trying a lecture there. The students taking part in our lecture
have C programing experience, and have no idea about Java. They are more
active than the students in University. They asked lots of questions
when we show the Java demo, and lost patience when they have to wait for
some time before the demo result came out. It is very interesting that
there are 3 reporters from Bertelsmann listening to lecture too. I don’t
know how they get the news. Recalling that the Nobel Prize winner Chen
Ning Yang had gave a lecture in RDFZ a month ago, I should admire that
the middle school have its specific channel to promote its fame.

Another interesting discovery in RDFZ is the Sun Server. The
administrator of the lab told me there are many servers including Sun
and HP, while Sun’s Server is the most beautiful one and looks
significant in the lab.


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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