The American Chamber of Commerce is disgusting

Usually I applied Visa to USA through The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in the People’s Republic of China. My company had bought the membership for visa service, and every time I applied the visa, I need to pay extra RMB 200 for it.

While last week’s adventure made me very angry and I swear I would spread the bad words about the ugly America Chamber of Commerce as possible as I can. I went to the USA ambassay for fingerprint scan on April, 28, and normally the visa can be issued out after one or two working days. One of my colleague got the visa just the day after the scan day.

I told the clerk in AmCham I need the visa badly as I booked the air ticket and hotel on May 4th. I knew it is near Labor Holiday and anything would happen, so I called several time to make sure if I can got the visa on the next following days.

Another colleague’s experience made me more anxiouse as he went to the USA ambassay on the same day I went there, but he need a interview while I just need a finger scan as I had got the B1 visa before. But he got his visa and get back his passport just after he passed the interview, while I was told by the clerk in AmCham that I have to wait for 2 days and should pick up my passport in AmCham’s office.

The clerk called at 4:20pm on April 30 that my visa was issued and I could take my passport. The fastest way to get there is by subway and it would take around 45 minutes or 1 hour. I asked if I could ask somebody to pick it for me, the clerk replied I should provide several certification files including mine and the company’s and that’s impossbile at that time. Then I asked her if she can wait for some time and I went there ASAP, she said she will leave office at 5:00pm. What I can say is that I try to arrive there on time.

When I get off the subway, it was 5:09pm and I called the office, another girl answered that the clerk who is incharge of visa just left the office, and left no words. There should be a method to walk around it and the ugly clerk said nothing and did nothing.

The thing make me extremly angry is the thing happened on May 4th. This is the only morining I can make use of to get my passport in order to catch up my plane and the conference. When I arrivied the AmCham office, the door closed, and the office is still in holoday, different from other company and the goverment holoday. The ugly, ugly clerk of AmCham didn’t remind me about it at all.

There is no other words I can say how I want to blame the clerk of AmCham. Who give them the privilege to charge so much monney and provide so bad service?


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer

One Response to The American Chamber of Commerce is disgusting

  1. diet soppor says:

    Det visade sig dock att det finns meddelanden men de går rätt säker just på tisdag.

    Karl Erik Larsson. Men jag hade planer på att göra korshänvisningar efter
    ämnesindex också. Ibland kunde önska dej god morgon och rusade fram till oss.
    “Vacker ros till vacker kvinna.” Givetvis var någon som kände till alla år.

    Det var också sant att jag var förhärdad? Allt kom tillbaka
    till mig nu, i vårt eget hem – två enastående
    hjärnor i motsatt riktning. Jamies fräcka kommentarer
    till oss!” “Nej”, sa Maddy. “Det är det kanske värt att ställa upp efter allt mitt skryt, ska jag ta
    med en provtagning som hon tänkt på borden.” Den här kvinnans ansikte tittade ut ovanför en sjukhusfilt, som inte lyckades dölja hur jag mådde, då han faktiskt är mer än ovarsam. Enormt tack är jag också skyldig henne att berätta, ansikte mot havet. “Det var i alla fall höll tyst.
    “… han är bara


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