Company Visit : Alibaba

Our team hope that the company visit would be two way communication between Sun and the software company. We would like to know what the developers need and may provide the content they have interests. As the developers in company visit have similar background, it would bring us a better opportunities to collect the requests from developers.

Alibaba may be the most famous company in Hangzhou where we have a Sun University Day, so we planed a company visit there. It became a problem to contact the correct person as our team don’t have any personal relationship with developers in this company. Finally, I contacted Kong in Alibaba through several persons as the routing: Xinfeng (Sun ISVE engineer), Fred Gu (Sun Sale), Kevin Gu (Sun SE), Andy Li(Alibaba), and Kong (Alibaba). It became a official event, and our visit looks like a one way free Java training. The result of visiting Alibaba is not as good as Tencent QQ visit, one is that the developers in Alibaba talked less, and another reason is that they didn’t show their interests, it seems any topics about Java are OK.

I learned that they adopted a unique framework in their web development, the framework is neither open source nor a commercial one. It was developed by a professor who had left the company. Is it worthy to maintain such a framework for such a famous company? It seems many companies in China created their own web framework. I had similar experience before, a senior engineer created a framework basing on Spring in 2 weeks and the team developed 2 projects basing on the framework in half an year. The senior engineer left after 3 months, and the team found more and more problems of using the framework including i18n, extensibility etc. While they don’t have other choices now as they had developed too much projects on it.

Only one developer brought his name card. Mr Yu, his title is Java Architect. It is enough for us.

Joey Shen is presenting.


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