It took me one day to install a printer driver on Mac OS

The printer driver is not in the default driver list of Mac OS. (Fuji
Xerox DocuPrint 305). I spent lots of time on searching the driver
through google, while the fastest way is to open fujixerox web site.

I downloaded a zip file and tried to open it in Mac OS. There is a error
information. I called the hot line of fujixerox, and a girl said that I
should download a depression software to open the driver file. It took
me again long time to search and download the Stuffit Expander. It was
curious that firefox didn’t work on downloading, every time I started
downloading the Stuffit, it hung. The firefox annoyied me around 2
hours, and finally I tried to use Safari. Safari downloaded the Stuffit
file in 1 minutes. I don’t know what Apple had done behind the browser.

Now I get the depressed driver file, "FX DocuPrint 305-AP PS". As it is
a printer on network, I spend another 1 hour to try different protocol
and printer name to install the printer, and asked a colleagues to print
a sample to demonstrate the printer is fine. I send a service ticket to
report the problem "not printing" after I failed many times on the

I printed out the sample document just after sending out the email, and
I got the call from the engineer in servicedesk almost at the same time.

This period frustrated me and let me draw a conclusion that I don’t like
Mac OS.


关于 李力(Ada Li)
Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Software Engineer


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